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 Panchkarma Treatment in Pune
Posted on : Monday, 12 February, 2018  00:39
Location : 251/1, Plot 5/1, Sankalp Park Lane, Opp. Aundh Telephone Exchang, Pune, Maharashtra
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Panchkarma is on the topmost position of all Ayurvedic Treatment because it gives instant and long lasting results. We too recover patients in our Panchkarma Clinic at Aundh,Pune which is backbone of our Ayurvedic Treatments. In ayurved, there are eight types of treatments:

Kaya (General Medicine)
BAL (Pediatric)
Urdhvang (Nose, Head, Throat)
Graha (Psychic and Psychosomatic)
Visha (Toxins and Poisons)
Shalya (Surgical)
Rasayana (Rejuvenation)
Vajikaran (Sexual Dysfunction)
From these eight, Kaya Chikitsa or Treatment is very important and Panchkarma is one of the means of all above Ayurvedic Treatments.

Panchkarma includes five major treatments. These treatments create balance in elementary substances or dhatus present in the body. They are Nasya, Vaman, Virechan, Basti and Raktmokshan which purify and balance the vitiated doshas. These treatments have been very important since old times because of their enduring results and their crucial need for the ailments. Panchakarma is a essential treatment in various complaints.

Panchkarma treatment can be administered to healthy person as a preventive major or a person who wants to undergo Rasayana (Rejuvenetion) or Vajeekaran (Aphrodisiac) therapies or a person having imbalanced dosha to eliminate excessive doshas to cure disease.

Many times panchkarma is considered as cleansing process and some call it as detox. But Anuvasan Basti, Bruhan Nasya, Bruhan Basti are performed for boosting the health. Thus it is a broad spectrum treatment and is not limited to cleansing of the body; it includes cleansing as well as restorative treatments too.

According to ayurved, medicine is given by oral route in Vaman and Virechan panchkarmas, for the diseases associated with stomach. While medicine is given through anal region in Basti treatment and by oral route in Virechan, for diseases related to large intestine. Medicine is given though nasal route in Nasya for nose, ear and throat diseases. Uttar Basti is performed through vagina for vaginal, uterine and urethra for bladder diseases.

Ayurved says our constitution is inbuilt balance of energies like Dosha within our body and mind. When this harmony is disturbed, we become sick. Vaman is advised when kaph dosh loses its balance and advances into disease. Virechan is recommended when pitt dosha losses its harmony and evolves into ailment. For Vata imbalance and diseases, set of Bastis are advised.

Panchakarma is not limited to above five treatments. Purvkarm and Pashchatkarma are performed before and after every Panchkarma. They help to accelerate the purifying and restorating process of body.

Purvkarmas are divided into three types:
1) Pachan - which includes digestion improving medicines
2) Snehan - is an oil massage and consumption of medicated oil, ghee
3) Swedan - includes variety of sweating processes.
Pashchatkarma is essential procedure conducted after the main panchkarma treatment. It helps to retain the body functions to normal. Pashchatkarma involves Samsarjan Kram, Rasayanadi kram and Shaman treatment.

Pashchatkarma is essential procedure conducted after the main panchkarma treatment. It helps to retain the body functions to normal. Pashchatkarma involves Samsarjan Kram, Rasayanadi kram and Shaman treatment.

Samsarjan kram improves digestion fire. When panchkarmas are done for the purpose of rasayan or vajikaran treatment, rasayan or vajikaran medicines are advised to consume after panchkarma. Shaman includes consumption of medicines effective in particular disease for which panchkarma is performed.

Before performing any panchkarma, the person is thoroughly examined at our clinic. We check certain criteria or conditions of patients in which panchakarma are allowed or not allowed and finalise for the same.

Purvakarma Snehan is a requisite process for every panchkarma which involves application of oil externally and consumption of the same through oral route. Oil consumption helps organs to lubricate, to become soft and unctuous inside. It also helps doshas to become loose inside the body.

External application of oil or ghee or any medicine is sometimes a kind of remedy for some diseases. For example - Oil massage, Ghee gently poured inside the eyes, Oil soaked cotton kept on Fontanelle, sitting in Oil bath, Oil Pulling in mouth, shirodhara - gently pouring oil on forehead, etc.

Purvakarma Swedan: is a process in which body starts sweating. Sweating relieves heaviness, pain, muscle spasm, etc. we use Shigru, Punarnava, Erand, Kulathh, Yava as medicines for sweating. According to Charak there are 13 types of sweating procedures. We conduct Nadi Swed, Parishek, Sankar Swed- Pind Swed. Shali Shashtik Swed, Annalep, Valuka Swed, etc. procedures for sweating.

Shirodhara and Pind Swed are conducted in a special way from all the Panchkarma Treatments at our clinic in Aundh, Pune.

Vaman is type of Panchkarma in which vitiated doshas are expelled out though mouth. Plants which are used in Vaman treatment are Madanphala, Dhamargav, Vacha, Neem, Yashti, etc. Generally vaman is effective in variety of diseases like asthama, epilepsy, mental disorders, cough, skin diseases, etc.

Virechan is a pocedure of expelling out the vitiated doshas through anal route. In different diseased conditions, different plants are used for virachan like Trivrutt in oedema and anaemia, Aaragvadh in skin disease and gout, Draksha in cough, asthama and burning, Castor oil in kidney stones and arthritis, etc .

Basti is considered as important panchkarma. Medicated decoctions, oils, milk; meat soups are introduced through anal, vaginal or urethral route to organs. Sometimes Basti is mistaken as enema. Enema is given for cleaning the stools. But in ayurveda Basti is given for curative, nutritive, haemostatic, anti diarrheal purpose. We administer sets of Basti to patients according to their severity of complaints.

We have packages of Basti for 30 days or 16 days or 8days at our Panchakrma Clinic in Aundh, Pune. In same way we advise all other panchakrma treatments in sets and according to patient’s response to that particular treatment.

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